Grandeur will always be in; but what’s become the thing nowadays are small, grand weddings. What sort of juxtaposition is that? To elaborate: small in terms of number of invitees, but without compromising on the look, feel and spread.

One thing is clear – people’s mindsets are changing and that is also reflecting in how they imagine their weddings. Gone are the times when baraats were incomplete without ghodis, or the bride’s side was responsible for all the hospitality. What has also been put behind us is the unnecessary pressure on the bride to wear all the jewelry she owns on the ‘biggest day of her life’, to be coy even if that’s not her real personality, to basically be the Indian textbook definition of a bride.

The bride of today enjoys her wedding to the fullest. She invites who she likes, smiles as much as/as and when she wants to, and dances like no one is watching. She is comfortable in her own skin, and wants to feel that way in her wedding attire too – no more 20kgs lehenga, earrings that bring you down (literally and figuratively), and 6inches heels to give company to the the 5’11” tall groom.

New-age brides are going for the unabashedly comfortable look. They have cracked the stylish plus painless combination. And one such perfect mix is the sneaker trend.

If you are that bride, or well aspire to be, Coral Haze has curated a special collection for you. While ‘Charlotte’ and ‘Alexandra’ will help you dance the night away on your cocktail/reception/D-day, other bright and funky pairs like ‘Sun Catcher’ and ‘Super Sonic’ are designed to complement your Mehendi look.

Do you need more reasons to ditch the heels and be sneakie instead? Here you go:

  1. You need to have fun at your wedding and that is not possible if your ankle twists every 20 seconds and your feet become numb with pain.
  2. You don’t have to dump your wedding attire to the back of your cupboard. The sneakies by Coral Haze are as wearable to your own wedding as to any one else’s.
  3. You can be independent and free. Wearing the sneakies, you wont have to assign a bridesmaid especially to get you on and off the stage or to shadow you constantly lest you trip and fall.
  4. Make a statement – let everyone remember you as that cool bride who wore stunning sneakers to her wedding instead of hectic heels.
  5.  Sneakies by Coral Haze are no ordinary shoes – they are designed keeping in mind the desi attire of an Indian bride. So you get the best of both worlds in one pretty pair.

So we say re-think your wedding shopping and even if mum-in-law doesn’t approve, go ahead be sneakie about it. Enjoy your big day!