No, we didn’t get the saying wrong. Just like a picture can tell you a complete story, a pair of shoes can reveal a whole personality. And this brings us to our next saying – “You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.”


In fact, a research has revealed that you can guess up to 90% of a person’s personality traits (also of course depending on how observant you are) by simply looking at one’s shoes. And the person doesn’t even have to be wearing them; the shoes could be sitting in a cupboard and give out a ton of information!


It’s possible to not only find out obvious things like age, gender, and hoarding habits but also personality traits like whether one is an extrovert or introvert, easy-going or stuck up, boring or fun, aloof or attached.


So if you are looking to buy shoes that either absolutely match your identity or reveal nothing about you, here’s a fun wearer character sketch of a few of Coral Haze shoes:


1. BARNETT: One thing at a time kind of girl who likes to plan her day from morning to bedtime; alert, strong, and confident; don’t mistake her to be a party pooper because she might be a planner but she knows how to reward herself with some fun at the end of a working day.

2. MOJO: Intriguing and interesting; fun is her middle name but philosophy is her first love; creative and ambitious; chances are she knows how to keep a secret.

3. CHLOE: Dreamy and vivacious; this girl follows her heart and is not afraid to get it broken; she is full of hope and kindness; she will go for what she wants even if that means going against the world. 

4. HARMONY: Knowledgeable, confident, wise; she talks less and thinks more; dependable with strong values; this girl has a sharp mind and a tender heart. 

5. SUN CATCHER: Adventurous, experimental and living life to the fullest; instead of worrying about the future, she likes to take each day as it comes; she lives life on her own terms and couldn’t care less about what you think about her.

Does your personality fit a shoe type? Or do you think no single pair has what it takes to figure you out. Explore the Coral Haze range to find what best goes with YOU.