Read that again. Even make it your wallpaper. It’s the mantra we all need to live by in today’s times. Breathe, don’t panic, take regular breaks, hydrate, dress easy, stay cool.

We, for one, believe that comfort is key. That is why, all our juttis are properly cushioned and give you a perfect snug fit - so when you wear Coral Haze, you don’t just look good, you actually feel pretty relaxed.

We also believe that just like holiday plans, formal wear is also on hold for now. Agendas for the day include zoom meetings, grocery shopping, or tiny get-togethers and the dress code is – casual (or whatever your heart desires).

To uplift your mood for whenever you look down at your feet, here are some of our favorite juttis for day to day wear:

1. ARIA – Sober, breathable and back open, Aria is effortlessly cool. Throw on any outfit and Aria will make it look like you thought it through.

2. BARNETT – Colourful but not, Barnett has a soothing presence. Don’t think twice and wear Barnett to a cozy picnic in the garden.

3. CUBANA –. One look at this pair and you are filled with happy vibes. On days you need to ‘cheer up, buttercup’, slip into Cubana.

4. SPANISH FIESTA – While travel may not be on the cards, a little Spanish Fiesta to spice things up never hurt nobody. Dark denim with bright pink fringe seems like a good look on days of friendly banter and loud laughter.

5. QUENTIN - When you mean business, say it with Quentin. While you get on that zoom call, own your presentations, and sweep everyone off their feet – do it wearing the right shoes.

6. TRUFFLE – Cuppa in one hand, book in the other, raindrops on the windowpane, and Truffle at your feet – a perfect day to unwind and fill your heart with hope.

While you keep it casual and comfy with our wide range of juttis, don’t forget to give yourself peace of mind and large doses of positivity. Here’s sending a big virtual hug to each of you from the Coral Haze team.