Shoes can more often than not be the trickiest part of an outfit: we often leave deciding what shoes to wear toward the end of our dress up session but when we reach that last bit, we realize - ‘Oops, this is taking longer than expected.’

Let’s cut to the chase - we firmly believe that Juttis are a girl’s best friend. And for reasons more than one:

1.     FEET FRIENDLY - A pair of good quality Juttis that has its heart and sole in the right place will always take care of your feet. Juttis have no heels to make life difficult, nicely cover your feet, and provide cushioning. For the comfort seekers, Juttis are absolute must-haves.

2.    FUN LOVERS – All the non-stop dancers, happy hoppers, and ‘pick up your lehenga and get to the chaat counter first’ girls will agree that if you want to have fun while looking on-point, you should be in your Juttis.

3.     MULTIPLE LOOKS – Kurtas, skirts, dresses, suits, saris, lehengas, pants – it’s hard to think of an outfit that can’t be completed (or enhanced) by Juttis. Whether you want to pump up a simple white shirt and denim jeans for a lunch date, or dance in a sari at your best friend’s wedding, Juttis’ got you covered.

4.    ETHNIC VIBES – It’s beautiful how Juttis add that ethnic vibe we all love so much to every outfit. They suddenly make your whole look quite off beat and catchy without trying too hard.

5.    THE SHEER VARIETY – Today, Juttis are available in countless styles, prints, colors and designs. And if you haven’t yet, you must check out all the variety at Coral Haze to know that’s true. From delicate threadwork to bold prints, from pastel hues to tasteful bling – Coral Haze has something for every Jutti lover.

Juttis never needed cheerleaders but if you weren’t a fan, we hope you stand converted!